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Submitted by: Jeffry Danga
Name: WEBN
The Web Innovation PH infrastructure is the decentralized payment that utilizes WEBN token and has two separate platforms. One, that enables the general public to purchase web developments, graphic design, and video animation. Secondly, in the e-commerce section, merchant wholesalers and retail store owners will be able to utilize the platform and advertise and display all of their products online. WEBN token is the native currency in the platforms that offers a variety of services and usage benefits to holders. WEBN token is as utility token that can provide you a solution to your project or businesses without costing a huge amount of money by using it. WEBN token can be used as mode of payment to purchase website development, systems, graphic designs, video animations and online products. WEBN token payments provide clients with a 10-50% discounted guarantee on any services offered and purchased. WEBN token delivers to market payment solutions for mobile apps, websites and the traditional retail sector. We believe that with the right approach and focus, we will be able to promote and attract more businesses in accepting and utilizing digital currency as a payment.