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Submitted by: FoundMan
Name: FoundChain [FCHAIN]
FOUNDCHAIN (FCHAIN) vision is to establish a trust-less (meaning requiring little or no trust) ecosystem that will enrich the lives of its participants. An ecosystem involves the interactions of living and non-living things in a space or environment. A trust-less ecosystem is one whereby no single actor is given all the trust to mediate as a middleman. Supported by Master Nodes (MN) and Proof Of Stake (PoS), FCHAIN aims to distribute and minimize the amount of trust required in its ecosystem. In building a trust-less ecosystem, FCHAIN may initiate or collaborate with other parties to improve existing or create unprecedented applications and platforms that will make it easy for its participants. These improvements and creations will upset the current trust settings and provide greater opportunities as well as a more equitable distribution of rewards for all parties involved. Discord: https://discord.gg/gvN8sgt