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Submitted by: Johnylee
Indigen is the very first cryptocurrency and blockchain project designed specifically for the indigenous people. As a donation cryptocurrency, portion of the purchases of Indigen coin goes to various outreach programs geared towards the poor indigenous children. As a blockchain project, we hope to preserve indigenous cultures, products and works of art through an immutable storage of intellectual properties using the Indigen blockchain. Indigen Core was modeled after PIVX SwiftX technology, Zerocoin and Bitcoin Green protocols. Indigen is an ecosystem with a mission not just to uplift lives and preserve cultures, but also to protect mother earth. We are one of those projects that dissent traditional PoW cryptocurrencies which consume so much energy and posing threat to the environment. Indigen is based on masternode blockchain which is very sustainable and does not rely on specialized miners, therefore helps save energy. Using what we call SPEnD (Swift, Private, Energy-efficient, Decentralized) technology for low energy usage, super fast transaction confirmation; and PosS (Proof of shared Staking) protocol which gives fair opportunity for all our coin holders to earn portion of block rewards. Our maximum supply is 17M IDG with block time of 60 seconds and block rewards of 17 IDG until max supply is mined. 80% of block rewards are reserved for masternodes (17K IDG collateral) and 20% for stakers. -https://www.indigen.foundation/