Listing fee details

Txbit collects a small listing fee in form of Bitcoin (BTC) when you send an application. The listing fee is strictly used for to cover the expenses of the review process, txbit employee salaries and server running costs. If for any reason your application is declined, you will be immediately refunded back to the address as stated during the application.

The base listing fee, also known as STANDARD listing, scales up based on the daily trading volume on the exchange, averaged over 30 days. Please see the breakdown of the STANDARD listing fee structure below:

Txbit daily volume (30 day average)
Standard listing fee
< $ 1,000,000
0.25 BTC
$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000
0.5 BTC
$ 10,000,000 - $ 50,000,000
$ 50,000,000 - $ 100,000,000
1.5 BTC
$ 100,000,000+

Txbit daily volume (30 day average)



Allow up to 3 working days for the initial review of application. Up to 5 working days to list the asset. Standard listing applies to BTC/DASH/PIVX/NANO/CRYPTONOTE based coins and ERC20 tokens.

Important notes

Applying for a listing on this page does not guarantee that your application is approved. Txbit follows a set review process for each applicant. In case of your application being denied you will be immediately refunded.

If your application is approved, Txbit team will contact the applicant through the provided details in the application to confirm the listing.

Listing application