Txbit.io is live!

Txbit.io is live!

- Txbit.io was announced on 19th of January, 2018. After a year of intense, but fulfiling work we are finally launching

Txbit.io is live!

Txbit.io was announced on 19th of January, 2018. After a year of intense, but fulfiling work we are finally launching txbit with real asset trading.

We are extremely proud of all the work we have put in, achieving everything we have set-out to do in the initial announcements and more, while strictly adhering to our mission statement; Security, Privacy and Reliability.

Launch Feature Rundown

Security and reliability were the major focus points throughout the development cycle. We have taken extreme care and attention to safeguard every component on txbit.io, while also employing advanced mechanisms to mitigate a possible attack.

Ultra Fast Proprietary Trading Engine
All of our technology was built from scratch, including the blazingly fast trading engine. Designed and built with future in mind.

Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Our wallet service is second to none. Your withdrawals and Deposits will take seconds, not minutes or hours like other exchanges.

0.10% Trading Fee

That’s right, the Maker and Taker fees are only 0.10%!

Multi-Language Support

Txbit.io will launch with 13 language support right from the get go!

Referral Program

A referral program is available for everybody, allowing you to receive 25% commision on trading fees paid by the friends you refer!

More details HERE

Solaris Reward Program

Solaris Reward Program is a unique system designed to reward Solaris holders with 50% of the Net Transaction Fees to all users who sign up and link their Solaris Masternode to the txbit account. At a later stage, a Staking monitoring functionality will also be implemented, allowing all holders to participate, regardless of having a full Masternode.

More details HERE

Community Coin Vote

After massive success of the Community Coin Vote running before the launch of the exchange, we had no choice but to bring it back to the exchange! Community Coin Vote will be running every month, with the winners being listed on the exchange.

What’s next?

Features not present in v1, but coming in Beta v2:
  • Listings - We will be adding more coins and tokens to expand the offering on our platform.

  • Advanced Orders - We will work on implementing Stop-Loss and Stop-Limit orders first, with other advanced orders also being developed in the near future.

  • Wallet Assurance service - In rare case that a deposit or withdrawal has not been registered by our wallet servers, wallet assurance service will scan and credited any missed transactions every few minutes.

  • More Language translations - We are aiming to enable txbit.io usage around the globe, and hope to support as many languages as we can to reach our goals.

  • Reporting tools - Ability to view all transactions, deposits, withdrawals and other account actions in detail, with ability to export the data.

  • User Suggestion Forum - User Feedback and Suggestions are a key to success with any modern business. We are taking this to the next level, allowing users to make suggestions, discuss them and vote for us to implement.

  • And a whole lot more!