Txbit Development Update 02

Txbit Development Update 02

- Our team has been extremely busy since launch, releasing updates to txbit on nearly a daily basis with small improvements and
Dear Txbit users,

Seems like only yesterday we posted the first development update, but nearly a whole month has passed since then. We have been extremely busy, both on the frontlines and behind the scenes, achieving many of our milestones along the way.

First of all, we are extremely happy to report that all the incorporation paperwork has finally been completed and processed by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. You can find the incorporation details on the KVK website: HERE

As we have reported in previous update, one of the big challenges we face is being listed on websites such as CoinMarketCap. We are extremely happy to inform you that solid progress has been made on getting txbit on such services. Txbit is now listed on Coinpaprika and Delta mobile app. We have made a Pull Request for integrating Txbit into CoinGecko, which has also been reviewed and merged into their main branch. We hope that Txbit will be visible on CoinGecko in the coming days.

Another substantial change has been made on the Listing process and Listing Fees. We have listened to the community feedback and after some careful deliberation we have decided to lower the listing fee by a factor of 4. Adjusted listing price is 0.25 BTC for all pairings. A change has also been made to reduce the amount of spam/fake submissions by integrating the payment directly into the submission form.

Lastly, the Community Coin Vote has been a great success with the first round coming to an end tomorrow (6th of March). The second round of Community Coin Vote will start approximately 1 week after the first one is finished. We will make an announcement of all the candidates for Round 2 a few days before it starts. If you would like to submit your projects, please do so here: https://voting.txbit.io

Txbit Development Update 02

Our team has been extremely busy since launch, releasing updates to txbit on nearly a daily basis with small improvements and user requested features and functionality. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the items completed since launch.


Home Screen
  • Implemented Exchange Statistics as requested by users
  • Implemented Listings section, enabling users to easily see recent listed coins and tokens
  • Made some changes to the layout of the components
Wallets Page
  • Implemented “Minimum Withdrawal Amount” into each Withdrawal Wallet page
System Wide
  • Updated listed coin/token logos to sharper images
  • Plaintext email alternatives implemented
  • Updated API documentation
  • Implemented Cryptonote protocol support

In Progress

  • Making improvements to some security aspects when using 2FA authentication
  • Fees page with the details of withdrawal fees, minimum amounts and deposit confirmations
  • Make changes to how Total Balance is calculated to the user. This will also be expanded on the Dashboard


New listings on txbit:
  • Monero (XMR)
Monero is a secure, private and untraceable currency system. Monero uses a special kind of cryptography to ensure that all of its transactions remain 100% unlinkable and untraceable.

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XMR/BTC Market
XMR/ETH Market
XMR/XLR Market
  • Masari (MSR)
Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is cryptographically secured against any adversary. Using a cryptographically sound protocol, Masari ensures that all your transactions are private by default.

By using the RingCT protocol, Masari is able to ensure that all transactions are untraceable, unlinkable, and that amounts transferred are hidden from the public.

All of the privacy features in Masari resolve into true fungibility, which makes its digital currency equivalent to cash or gold, where no transaction can be discriminated against another.

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MSR/BTC Market
MSR/ETH Market
MSR/XLR Market
  • Ravencoin (RVN)
Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain, handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another.

Ravencoin is a protocol based on a fork of the Bitcoin code which adds features specifically focused on allowing tokens to be issued on the Ravencoin blockchain. These tokens can have whatever properties the issue of the token decides - so they can be limited in quantity, named and be issued as securities or as collectibles.

You can make your own security token within minutes and have it trade worldwide.

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RVN/BTC Market
RVN/ETH Market
RVN/XLR Market
  • Get Protocol (GET)
The GET Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that is used by ticketing companies to completely merge the primary and secondary ticketing market. The protocol gives full control over the sale and trade between ticket holders from the moment the first ticket is sold until the last ticket is validated. The platform's own ERC20 token, the Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET), functions as a FIAT value locking asset in a user's wallet/smart ticket.

GUTS is a ticketing platform, powered by the GET protocol, which uses blockchain technology to register ownership of smart tickets by doing so GUTS makes ticket fraud impossible. The purchased smart tickets can only be resold within a fixed price range, this means no more disgraceful prices for (secondary) tickets.

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GET/BTC Market
GET/ETH Market
GET/XLR Market

About Txbit.io

Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands. A cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. We are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.

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