Txbit Development Update 03

Txbit Development Update 03

- It’s time for another txbit development update as we strive to keep our community, followers and onlookers in the loop
Dear Txbit users,

It’s time for another txbit development update as we strive to keep our community, followers and onlookers in the loop of all that is happening with the exchange. We have made some significant updates to the platform in the last few weeks, as well successfully progressing through various internal goals and milestones to bring you the best possible and frictionless experience we can.

One of the major achievements we are proud of is the PCI DSS security standard certification. Read the details HERE

We have made some significant progress on getting listed on price indexing websites. Txbit can now be found on coingecko, as well as the popular Blockfolio mobile app. And as previously reported, coinpaprika and Delta mobile app as well. Application to Coinmarketcap has been sent out, and is being reviewed by their team, this could be a lengthy process due to the amount of applications CMC receives daily.

Significant changes where made to how the order queue is operating, increasing the speed of order submission and cancelling by a factor of 7. These improvements have also been applied to deposit and wallet status services to increase performance.

Extensive updates have been made to the interface layout on the homepage, making it a more trader centric experience instead of showing static information such as news and statistics (this information can still be found below markets). Interface on mobile resolutions has also been improved on the trade screen.

A non-exhaustive list of the updates and changes can be found below.

Txbit Development Update 03

  • [Interface] Changed Homepage layout based on user feedback
  • [Interface] Improvements to the responsive layout of the Trade screen
  • [Interface] Created a new page with all the details of Withdrawal fees, minimums and deposit confirmations. https://txbit.io/Fee
  • [Interface] Price conversions to USD worth less than 0.01 cent have a less-than sign
  • [Charting] TradingView “volume” metric has been separated from the chart and the data fixed to show correct volume information
  • [Security] Login sessions bound to IP-address
  • [Security] Login sessions get invalidated after changing password or 2FA setting
  • [QA] Lowering the number of new IP address activations for IPv6 users
  • [QA] Support block explorer link variables
  • [Performance] Improved order queue with enhanced performance
  • [Optimisation] Deposits and updates are processed through a queue to improve overall performance by lowering the impact of many wallet calling for block updates simultaneously
  • [Optimisation] Increase of timeouts for wallet types (like NANO) that by nature take longer to process transactions
  • [Optimisation] Make ETH process compatible with older (cloned) versions of the daemon
  • [Optimisation] Update of several external components
  • [Community Coin Vote] Added new mechanisms to deter illegitimate votes

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