Daily withdrawal limits without KYC

Daily withdrawal limits without KYC

- The introduction of daily withdrawal limits for accounts with no KYC
Dear Txbit users,

We are happy to announce the introduction of daily withdrawal limits for accounts with no KYC! Txbit is introducing two levels of verification going forward, Level 1 - Email Verification and Level 2 - Full Verification.

Level 1 - Email verification

The first level of verification is accomplished when an account is created and activated by email. This level allows the user to do unlimited deposits, trade crypto currencies and FIAT currencies. Withdrawals are limited to a daily and per asset limit. Each coin/token has its own independent withdrawal limit that is reset every 24 hours, meaning that you can reach a daily withdrawal limit for BTC, but still be able to withdraw other coins and tokens as they all have independent daily withdrawal limits.

Standard coins and tokens have a daily limit of approximately $500, privacy focused coins are limited to approximately $250. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a more generous daily limit, with 0.25 BTC and 5 ETH respectively.

Each asset’s limit can be viewed on the fee overview page: https://txbit.io/Fee
(please note, the limit column might be hidden on Mobile screens)

Level 2 - Fully verified

An account can become fully verified by using the verification form which is already available and has been utilized by the verified users. A fully verified account will not have any limitations at all for withdrawals. Accounts that are currently fully verified will stay verified and will become level 2 accounts.

We have also simplified the Verification form based on user feedback, effectively removing some of the fields which were causing confusion for our customers.

Thank you for your support!

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