Gunthy - Coin of the Month

Gunthy - Coin of the Month

- The third Coin of the Month is Gunthy
Dear Txbit users,

Once per month, we pick a project to inform our customers about the projects we list on our exchange. The third Coin of the Month is Gunthy.

Can you tell more about GUNTHY and how the idea came about?

Gunthy is a utility token that is used to license a variety of software from Gunthy products, using blockchain technology. Gunbot came into existence in 2016, but the idea to license our software using Gunthy token came in late 2018 for a few different reasons:

- Decentralized licensing and API key management - we use the ETH blockchain to verify a user's license instead of the more common centralized server or serial keys. This is so the software can be run on different machines at same time, but only by the single authorized user who owns that specific license.

- Monetary value - Gunbot licensing has just one single billing plan - the one-time payment provides you with a lifetime license. Our software is unique. Customers buy our products via an authorized reseller and then registers his Gunthy wallet. The customer will then receive a specific amount of Gunthy tokens in his ETH wallet, depending on a specific product or license type purchased.

License upgrades - it's now easier than ever to upgrade Gunbot software to a higher tier license or unlock advanced trading strategies. All one needs to do is acquire additional Gunthy tokens from one of several different exchanges and deposit them into your ETH wallet. The software will then check the current token balance that you hold in your registered wallet and unlock different features and license tiers, based on amount of Gunthy tokens you hold in that wallet.

Can you provide some details about the economics behind GUNTHY? What is the current supply? Is there a form of inflation?

There are 400M tokens created. When Gunthy token was launched, all existing customers who bought one of Gunthy products from 2016 to that day received a token airdrop to their wallets, the quantity necessary to run their specific software. Early adopters who were actively running Gunbot during late 2018 and early 2019 received an additional airdrop as reward for testing and a new licensing system.

After successfully implementing the new software licensing system, future tokens are then released into circulation in few ways:

- Buying Gunthy software products
- Participating in Trading tournaments on partner exchanges
- Doing various tasks in community, for example testing new strategies and features, bug hunting etc…

Gunthy token was not ICO. It's not a security, it's not a high volume or speculative asset. It's a utility token that unlocks a wide variety of features, strategies and addons, depending on the amount of tokens a user holds.

What can you do with the GUNTHY token?

- As a utility token, Gunthy is primarily used to license software, our software.
- Unlocking additional exchanges and strategies are just one of benefits holding Gunthy tokens.
- There is also a community marketplace where Gunthy token can be used as a payment method. Other Gunbot users share strategies for free or even sell their own trading strategies.

GUNTHY has a trading bot, called Gunbot. Can you tell more about the trading bot, how it works? (For example: How can it help me with trading? What are the benefits of using Gunbot? Can it use by beginners? On which exchange you can use Gunbot and with which coins?

Many people think that trading bots are money printers. It's not true. Gunbot is a tool used for trading automation, based on users strategies. It can trade many pairs at the same time 24/7 with amazing speed on 130+ exchanges. It's a complete package for beginners and experts alike, with most features available with just the Standard license type.

Gunbot comes with many strategies that even a beginner can configure how they like, and by default will not sell at loss. Gunbot offers a built-in TradingView chart tool, trading terminal with orderbook, profit and loss analysis, and supports trading with custom alerts or trading signals.

For the more experienced trader, Gunbot offers a wide variety of customizable options, such as creating your own strategy using various indicators or based on price action, using an auto-config script to change settings on the fly, depending on user variables or specific market data. Gunbot has several trading strategies you can use for trading. How do I know which strategy fits me?

It's about your trading style. Some traders love price action strategies such as GRID or Market Maker, some prefer scalping on MA or using indicators like Bollinger bands, EMA, RSI…

Experienced traders know what they are looking for and using Gunbot, they can create own custom strategies.

There are many users who have no trading background or used different trading styles like investing in crypto based on fundamental analysis. Gunbot strategies are based on technical analysis. Using our documentation, a user can determine how each strategy works and utilize something they like.

In case you still don't know what strategy is right for your trading style, we have a great community and support group that shares their own strategies and results, so that you can get idea of what each strategy does.

You have also a product called BitRage and Market Maker, can you tell me more about these products? Is it related to Gunbot?

Bitrage and Market Makers are special add-ons for Gunbot. They are not for sale, but you're not out of luck yet! Gunbot will unlock access to BR and MM if you hold enough Gunthy tokens in your wallet. BitRage is triangular arbitrage bot that will scan an exchange for market inefficiencies and execute arbitrage on same exchange using a coin that is traded with 2 base currencies. For example:

10 USD=>buy=>BTC
ETH=>sell=>USD 10.1

It will use many tricks in that process to make trades as fast as possible and keep them profitable.

Market Maker addon is also part of Gunbot and it's a tool to provide liquidity. It is using pure price action and can keep orders on both the buy and sell side of orderbook, making profit from spread or fee rebates. It's famous for making a lot of small trades in short period of time with great results. To make the best from Market Maker, user should configure risk management properly.

What new developments that we can expect for GUNTHY in the coming time?

As utility token we're primary focused on licensing our software. But our great community adopted Gunthy token as payment method for other goods and services as well.

As our main focus is on improving Gunbot, as our dev team and VIP members are running the latest versions, working 24/7 on new strategies, features, improvements, and overall efficiency.

Some of the upcoming features will be inter-exchange arbitrage, High-Frequency Trading, and many new native strategies.

Also, our users are creating their own strategies which are then sold or shared on our Marketplace, so there is always something new to explore in Gunthy world.

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