PRCY - Coin of the Month

PRCY - Coin of the Month

- The fifth Coin of the Month is PRCY
Dear Txbit users,

Once per month, we pick a project to inform our customers about the projects we list on our exchange. This month in the picture: PRCY Coin.

PRCY is a privacy coin, but PRCY is more than only a privacy coin. How would you pitch PRCY to someone new? How would you explain PRCY to rookies?
PRCY is launched in December 2020 created to be the most private and secure digital currency, PRCY strives to protect the financial privacy of every user. PRCY achieves this by employing the strongest and most acclaimed privacy protocol in the industry combined in a staking chain. Meaning, you can earn passive income by staking, run a masternode or via Proof of Audit.
PRCY is a young project with a strong ambition to become the best privacy coin in the industry and focus on expansion of the ecosystem for adoption. We cherish our community and we believe our community are our ambassadors.

Can you tell more about the specs? Like supply, emissions, inflation and distribution?
Coin Ticker : symbol PRCY
Initial Supply : 60 million coins
Supply Cap 60 million coins + 10 million (emission)
Concensus Proof of Audit, Proof of Stake v3, Masternodes
Emission : 0,5 PRCY is reserved for the PoA miner that audits the block
1,0 PRCY is split between the staking node that minted the block and a Masternode 788,400 PRCY per year until 10 million PRCY are emitted

Please read more about the coin specification here

Which unique features does PRCY have?
PRCY has the following key technologies
- Trustless set up
- Ring CT
- Ring Signatures
- Bulletproof
- Stealth Addresses
- Stelt Transactions
- Proof of Audit

What makes PRCY is different from other privacy coins?
We have made a comparison which is actively updated, PRCY versus other popular Privacy coins.

First of all PRCY is fully private in a trustless set up, 100%. Privacy is mandatory

Second of all PRCY is a fully anonymous privacy chain with the best of the best features, combined in a staking chain this is quite unique. You will not find in the top 25 a privacy project with our features combined with the passive income opportunities.

Third of all, we are a privacy project and we do care about our community and because of our superior features, you never are able to know what we are doing. To avoid any doubt we report each quarter concerning the financials and the coins.

Fourth of all, investors can benefit from our community plans, to gain more coins, like the retention plan.

We have read something about a Retention plan, can you tell more about this? How can I participate?
PRCY believes in the community and believes when the project grows it is thanks to the community. Via the Retention plan PRCY can reward their community when the milestone is reached. The retention plan is in fact a fourth alternative to earn passive income and does only need the investor to have a certain number of coins mentioned in the plan. When the milestone has been reached instructions will be shared how to collect the reward. With the help of Txbit the retention plan is a great success. PRCY has reached their last milestone end of June and rewarded the community for about $400.000, everyone can easily join the new milestone of the Retention plan, see below.

Milestone Number 3: Price is set at $5.50 on our most liquid market at that moment (currently TxBit) Snapshot will be taken, July 31. 00:00 GMT

Please read more about the Retention plan here

What other options do I have to make some passive income with PRCY?
PRCY offers 4 methods to earn passive income:

1. Staking
2. Run a masternode
3. Proof of Audit
4. Retention plan

Please see the link to read more about the opportunities of passive income

PRCY has a wrapped version with a native bridge, can you tell more about this?
PRCY offers multiple ways to acquire PRCY coins, you can acquire directly PRCY coins on multiple exchanges, like Txbit, Tradeogre or Hotbit and Stex. The investor can also acquire the wrapped version first via popular swap networks like Uniswap, Sushiswap or Pancakeswap. PRCY has an ERC20 wrapped version and a Binance Smart Chain BEP20 wrapped version.

Via the own PRCY wrapped bridge investors can swap their wrapped version from and to PRCY coins very easily.

What are the new developments that we can expect for PRCY in the coming time?
Within the coming weeks we will announce a new development which is not part of the roadmap. We are excited about this new feature. Which will help to boost the PRCY ecosystem.

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