Lamden - Coin of the Month

Lamden - Coin of the Month

- The 6th Coin of the Month is Lamden
Dear Txbit users,

Once per month, we pick a project to inform our customers about the projects we list on our exchange. This time we are introducing you: Lamden (TAU), an open sourche blockchain built on Python.

Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to start Lamden?
The idea for Lamden came about when I tried to develop something for Ethereum and realized how hard it was to get started. This snowballed into a larger project to 'reinvent' the crypto experience to make it feel more like using a web application instead of some strange new technology.

Can you give us an introduction to the Lamden project?
Lamden is the blockchain for humans. We strive to make the experience of using Lamden feel as 'clean' and fast as possible. If we can make the experience feel less like a laggy and slow blockchain and more like a traditional web application, we've succeeded. We accomplish this with our DPOS consensus model, compliant API standards, and Python smart contracts.

Who are the team members behind the Lamden project?
The main protocol is developed by myself, Stuart Farmer, and my colleague Jeff Scott. We are supported by a great community of developers who can be found on our website at

What features does the Lamden blockchain have?
Lamden features fast and cheap transactions and a super easy developer environment. Smart contracts are written in Python which makes even beginner developers able to build something on blockchain.

Why did you choose Python as the programming language for the Lamden blockchain?
Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world and it is what is being taught in computer science classes to new students. We want all of these developers to be able to build on blockchain without learning a more complex language like Solidity.

As a developer, where can I find more information about development tools and API for Lamden?
You can view the general documentation at :

The smart contract documentation can be found at:

Can you give us your top 5 of the apps on the Lamden blockchain that you like the most?
1. Underground Warriors - A great play to earn that is similar to Axie Infinity (
2. Rocketswap - our comunity run AMM. (
3. TauHQ - a community developed block explorer that has great on-chain metrics of our network. (
4. OnlyLuck - an analytics platform that shows you insights into your LPs and farms for Rocketswap
5. LamdenLink - our Ethereum and BSC bridge that allows us to bridge tokens from other chains (

What can we do with Rocketswap (Automated Market Maker)? How does it work?
Rocketswap is our community developed and run automated market maker. Users can trade Lamden based tokens and list their own for projects they create. Users can also stake Lamden tokens in the farms for yield.

Can you provide us with some information about the (token)(eco)nomics behind TAU, which is the native currency on the Lamden blockchain? Does it have a limited supply, and how much is the current supply?
Sure! The total fixed supply of Lamden is 288m tokens. 40m of those have been burned. 50m of those are team tokens. About 70m of those are 'foundation' tokens for things like hackathons and funding development. The network participants are rewarded from the transaction fees generated by the network. A portion of all transaction fees are also burned from circulation. The distribution of where the transaction fees go is voted upon by the network itself, so users can decide the best governance and tokenomics for the network.

Does the Lamden blockchain provide any way of making a passive income?
Yes. Currently, 90% of all transaction fees are returned to the developer. So if you publish a dapp on Lamden, you get 90% of all the transaction fees that are spent on your dapp. It's a great incentive for developers to get started and build popular dapps on Lamden.

What future developments can we expect?
We are currently finalizing a major architecture update that will allow for many more community nodes so everyone can participate in the network. We are also expecting a new play-to-earn (Lamden World) to be released, a collateralized stablecoin (Rubix), and a marketing push with the help of some crypto OGs.

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