Txbit Development Update 01

Txbit Development Update 01

- Our team has been extremely busy since launch, releasing updates to txbit on nearly a daily basis
Dear Txbit users,

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has tried txbit out and have shared their experiences of the exchange either privately with us, or publicly on various social media mediums. We are feeling ecstatic reading all your comments and are extremely proud to know that we are going in the right direction with txbit.

We are glad to report that txbit has been growing steadily since our launch 11 days ago, with the user base as well as volume across all listed coins and tokens gradually increasing day to day. We knew that launching in this “crypto winter” will mean somewhat of a slow start, but we are glad that this is giving us great opportunity to see the system running in a real environment and under real load. This gives us ample time to improve on various components, listen and implement user feedback and various requested features.

We would also like to address the community members who perhaps feel that we are not doing enough marketing or promotion to gain more volume, or constantly suggesting to list coins that are already traded on big exchanges with actual liquidity. First of all, one of the biggest obstacles we face right now with our visibility, is the simple fact that txbit is not on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio or any other price tracking or indexing website. Most of these have a requirement that an exchange must be operational for at least 60 days before the list it. To others we have sent applications already, but when txbit will be integrated is completely out of our control. We are actively working and communicating with these services to get txbit listed as soon as possible. If you would like to help us to get on Blockfolio and Delta faster, please vote for txbit HERE and HERE

We are also actively seeking and working with projects on getting them listed on txbit, but currently we take priority over projects that are not on any mid to large size exchanges. Bigger projects will also be listed in due time as it is our goal to have many assets available on txbit as possible.

Going forward we will provide a bi-weekly Txbit Development Update to keep everyone informed on what has been done and what is planned next. Without further adieu, here is the first development update since the txbit has launched.

Txbit Development Update 01

Our team has been extremely busy since launch, releasing updates to txbit on nearly a daily basis with small improvements and user requested features and functionality. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the items completed since launch.


Home Screen
  • Markets section made sortable by all columns and set descending Volume as the default sorting option
  • Improved the Markets section on mobile resolutions to ensure no prices or volume figures are truncated
  • Price Trend graphs now show the last 7 days of price movement instead of 30 days. The graphs are cached to reduce server load and improve loading time
  • Minor fixes to the responsive layout to ensure everything looks correct on mobile resolutions
Trade Interface
  • Added a new notification message when an order does not meet a minimum threshold to be put in place
  • Fixed an issue with the Orderbook not loading some entries correctly and causing the scroll bar to glitch out
Wallets Page
  • Implementing a way to go straight to Market/Trade for a selected coin from the Wallets page
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue with Deposits not registering and crediting to the account
  • We are also extremely happy to report that we have received absolutely no support tickets in the last 7 days regarding missed deposits and withdrawals not working since implementing a wallet assurance service.
System Wide
  • Improved how some connections are used and re-used, greatly reducing server load and request time
  • Investigated and fixed a reported issue of rare orders being put in queue before being eventually being processed approximately 10 seconds later
  • Excluded “Incompatible Browsers” page from indexing in search engines
  • Added meta tags for description


  • Community Coin Vote - We are putting some final touches on the functionality and will be releasing it this week
  • Change how “Total balance” is calculated and shown to the user to include the In Orders. We will also expand on these figures in the Dashboard.
  • Implement text only email alternatives for email clients that do not support HTML rendering.
  • Create a “Fees” page with all the listed coins/tokens
  • More listings and features that we will talk about in our next update!


We have been very busy with listing already coins and tokens as well as reaching out to some unknown and new projects with high potential.

New listings on txbit:
  • Veil (VEIL)
Veil is the first Zerocoin-based cryptocurrency with always-on privacy.

The Veil network will operate a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to ensure maximum decentralization, energy efficiency and provide a mechanism for all Veil holders to earn rewards in Veil through the process of staking. To further enhance the coin’s privacy, staking will only be available through Zerocoin denominations, and for that reason, all Veil balances (with the exception of exchanges) will auto-mint to these denominations.

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  • Pivx (PIVX)
PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction. PIVX is an MIT licensed anonymity-based cryptocurrency created out of a fork of DASH. PIVX is an open source blockchain-based Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with Zerocoin protocol implementation for industry leading transaction privacy. PIVX project is focused on advancing its privacy technology to ensure fungibility, improve network scalability and increase real-world utilization to become an effective decentralized online digital currency for everyone.

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  • Zcash (ZEC)
Zcash is a privacy-focused blockchain and cryptocurrency that was developed in response to bitcoin’s flaws. It uses the same algorithm as bitcoin but improves upon it by enabling semi-transparent processing. In simple words, this means that it eschews the radical transparency of bitcoin’s blockchain for a more nuanced implementation. In this implementation, user transaction data is revealed selectively.

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ZEC/BTC Market
ZEC/ETH Market
ZEC/XLR Market
  • Zcoin (XZC)
Zcoin utilizes the Zerocoin protocol to provide anonymous transactions in a unique scalable way. The protocol, originally intended to be an extension of Bitcoin, allows you to send coins with no transaction history. Bitcoin records the history of every transaction on a public ledger for anyone to see. Wallet addresses are only pseudo-anonymous with the potential for people to link your identity to an address. However, with Zcoin, you can preserve the fungibility and privacy of your spending.

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XZC/BTC Market
XZC/ETH Market
XZC/XLR Market
  • Polis (POLIS)
Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities. People thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Polis uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for our global community.

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  • Kalkulus (KLKS)
Kalkulus just entered the second stage on his life-cycle and want to represent as a long-term project for investors, traders or just cryptocurrency lovers. Leveraging an open source and peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks, Kalkulus is a solid community-centric project and provides anonymous and fast transactions in a stable and well designed economic model.

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  • Komodo (KMD)
The Komodo blockchain platform uses Komodo’s open-source cryptocurrency for doing transparent, anonymous, private, and fungible transactions. They are then made ultra-secure using Bitcoin’s blockchain via a Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol.

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KMD/BTC Market
KMD/ETH Market
KMD/XLR Market

About Txbit.io

Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands. A cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. We are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.

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