Solaris reward program

Txbit is rewarding 50% of the Net Transaction Fees to all users who sign up and link their Solaris Staking Address to their Txbit account.

We created a unique system, which supports network security at its core by encouraging people to stake Solaris coins.

The Transaction Fee Pool contains the actual transaction fees collected by Txbit for that payment period. The Txbit Company Cost is a nominal amount required to maintain day to day operations. These costs consist of: IT infrastructure costs, Company Incorporation, notary and lawyers, accountancy costs, office rent, software subscriptions, and a salary of 1 Director. Transaction fees are taken from the Base Market currency for all pairings. 50% of the Net Transaction fees are shared between the linked staking addresses. The rewards will be deposited to the Txbit accounts on a monthly basis to ensure audibility and accuracy. The deposits will be automated on a monthly basis. The Rewards are shared relatively to the number of stakes that a linked address created.
Solaris reward program

How to

Link your staking address from within your wallet to Txbit
Start staking and create stakes
Get your share of the transaction fee